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Explore 60 Starter Kit - Sea Pine

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  • Multiple Access Points - The Shimoda Explore 60 backpack offers rear, side and top access options. Side opening is ideal for quick, under-the-arm access without completely removing the pack. The Rear opening allows wide, unobstructed access to the bulk of your gear for less time-sensitive shooting scenarios. Top access allows users to access their camera while the bag is standing, which is ideal when the main pack is filled with other gear.
  • Adjustable Torso Height - The Explore 60 has 4 height options with approximately 10 cm (4 in) of vertical adjustment. This means the same backpack can fit short or tall — male or female — torso heights, ensuring a custom fit for everyone.
  • Core Unit Modular Camera Insert System - Core Units are simple, smart and multifunctional. A user can increase their layout options with two or more Core Units by stacking and shifting how they are placed in the pack.
  • Convertible, Multi-Use Pouch - A removable pouch in the side panel pocket secures a tripod to the side of the pack, or it can be mounted to the shoulder harness (with included Accessory Straps) to act as a drop-in holster for cameras as large as a non-gripped DSLR body and lenses as long as 70-200mm 2.8.
  • Hydration Bladder Sleeve and Routing - The front panel also features a sub-pocket and hanger loop designed to fit a hydration bladder up to 3L. It has dedicated routing to run the hose through the exterior rear panel and onto the shoulder straps.


The Explore 60 redefines the way professional image crafters pursue their images. Its user experience is fast, simple and intuitive while its carry performance will minimize physical fatigue. Direct access to camera gear and essentials like food, water and mobile devices helps you keep moving forward with limited interruptions. Adjustable volume and floating lid lets the most demanding photographers take on serious adventure without compromising gear needs.

Our modular Core Unit camera inserts let you customize your shooting experience — not only to your gear requirements, but also to the terrain ahead of you. Whether you’re camping out waiting for an epic moment or scrambling up rocky ascents, the Shimoda system allows you to choose the most efficient camera access for the situation – even on the fly.

The adjustable harness with its bear hug-like fit makes sure the pack’s weight doesn’t put pressure on your shoulders and is instead distributed to your hips and front torso. Additionally, the rear panel lets air flow between your back and the pack.

All of our features are built with materials and construction techniques we developed to best meet the needs of hardcore adventurers and the unpredictable environments they visit. The Carbonate Ether coated shell features a unique double-sided resin application process that provides exceptional water resistance from both exterior water pressure and interior condensation build-up. Because of this we are able to use much lighter core materials for both the exterior shell and interior lining.

Lightweight, durable and intuitively functional, the all-new Explore 60 is an essential addition to the modern adventure photographer’s toolkit.

*Explore 60 Starter Kit includes Explore 60 Backpack and 2 Small DSLR Core Units


5 Years
4.88lb / 2.2kg
Outside Dimensions (in):
11.4W x 24H x 11D in.
Outside Dimensions (cm):
29W x 61H x 28D cm
Inside Dimensions (in):
11.4W x 22.4H x 7.1D in.
Inside Dimensions (cm):
29W x 57H x 18D cm
Laptop Compartment Dimensions - Combined (in):
9.8W x 14.2H x 0.6D in.
Laptop Compartment Dimensions - Combined (cm):
25W x 36H x 1.5D cm

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