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Place A Backorder


Why You Should Place A Backorder 

We are not always able to offer immediate delivery of Shimoda products purchased through our website. Due to consumer demand and spikes in sales, we may run out of available stock. In some cases you may be required to make a backorder purchase to ensure future delivery of a Shimoda Designs product. 

We do our best to keep the website updated with estimated delivery dates, but those dates may not always be 100% accurate and should not be interpretated as absolute fact. The estimated delivery date is based upon the expected re-stocking date. If your purchase is dependent on a specific delivery date, please consider this information before placing an order.

It should also be noted that we also require processing time to ship your order once it actually arrives in our warehouse. This time frame is varied and is dependent on the current workload the warehouse faces. Shimoda’s warehouse is not exclusive to Shimoda – other companies also use the same location and staff to ship their goods. The previously mentioned ‘workload’ is greater than just Shimoda’s and can be affected by the needs of multiple brands of products. 


Posted Delivery Dates

In today’s world, delivery dates have become more challenging to accurately predict. 

Please note that our estimated delivery dates are just that; Estimates. A backorder may be delivered ahead of schedule or later than the date posted. Delivery dates may also change or be updated due to unforeseen delays. The date posted is the current estimate based on the information we have.

Please consider the above information when making a Shimoda backorder purchase from our website. There is no guarantee of delivery before or on the posted ship date.

Shimoda is a relatively small operation with limited resources. Please understand that while we aim to give you fast dependable service, our abilities are not on par with some of the online shopping giants many of us have grown accustom too using.


You Are Not Charged Until Your Order Is Ready To Ship (except PayPal)

When paying by Credit Card or Apple Pay, your order will not be charged until we know it is ready to be shipped. If you place a backorder and see something that looks like a charge on your credit card, it is likely that your card company is pre-authorizing the charge.

Backorders paid by PayPal are charged immediately. This is a limitation of PayPal, not a practice or policy of Shimoda’s, and we apologize for this inconvenience.

We very much hope that stability will return to the world of our global logistics. Our goal is for you to enjoy our products ASAP and not have you waiting for them. We regret any inconvenience our delays may cause you. 

Thank you for understanding and supporting Shimoda.

Kind Regards


Ian Millar


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