Core Unit - Medium DSLR

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  • Pro Mirrorless and DSLR Camera and Lens Fit - The Medium Core Unit is designed for larger camera bodies and longer lenses, such as DSLRs with a booster/grip, and lenses as long as 70-200mm 2.8. It is designed to fit gear with greater depth requirements, though it is just as useful for protecting a larger kit of mirrorless or compact DSLR gear.
  • Modular Configurations - Core Units can be mixed and matched to increase or decrease camera capacity as needed. This system ensures you never carry more padding and weight than absolutely necessary to protect the day’s camera kit, and that all remaining pack space can be dedicated to clothing and personal gear.
  • Lightweight Water-Resistant & Multi-purpose Skin - The included Skin’s primary function is a storage case for the padded Core Units, ideal for when your gear is at home and not in use. It keeps the Core Unit sealed and dust free. Its secondary function is to use as a packing cell. A user can fill it with clothing or other common items and pack it in their backpack or carry-on roller.
  • EVA Protective Shell and Dividers - Walls and dividers are constructed with EVA which ensures much greater protection than cheaper PE foams used in most camera bags. With EVA we have greater control over the density and quality of materials used to protect your gear. It also means our walls can be thinner and use less internal volume while still providing superior protection.
  • Minimalist Construction - The Jersey exterior shell and Tricot lining are laminated to the EVA. By tightening up and simplifying the design in this way, we can eliminate any sloppiness and movement with dividers. The shape of the actual divider tabs has a unique inward taper. This simple concept makes setting up and adjusting the Core Unit much easier by limiting the catching of the fastener and the pulling on the sidewall material.

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The Medium DSLR Core Unit can be used on its own or in combination with additional Core Units to expand the amount of protected equipment space in a Shimoda pack or roller as more camera gear is needed. Breaking down the equipment protection into modules allows the user to minimize weight and bulk and to never carry more padded sections than is needed for the day’s camera kit. The inserts can customize the bag to a user’s shooting style and the terrain ahead of them.

This Core Unit designed to accommodate larger sized camera bodies – but that doesn’t mean it is limited to them. It works wonders with any gear, but especially with gear requiring more depth. It will fit a gripped mirrorless or DSLR body and a lens as long as 70-200mm 2.8.

The Core Unit comes with a removable ultra-light Skin which can to be used with the insert to protect gear from dust and damage when it is being stored after use. The Skin can be also removed from the Core Unit and filled with soft goods like warmer clothing layers, hats, gloves etc., keeping those items sealed and organized throughout your adventure. Core Units, Skins and Accessory Cases all share the same width as the backpacks and Carry On Roller, so you never loose any valuable packing space.


Inside Dimensions (in):
10.4W x 11H x 6.3D in.
Inside Dimensions (cm):
26.5W x 28H x 16D cm
Outside Dimensions (in):
11.2W x 11.8H x 6.7D in.
Outside Dimensions (cm):
28.5W x 30H x 17D cm
1.4lb / 0.6kg
5 Years